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Solar Powered Articles

Floating an energy idea

GRAHAMSTOWN Dam is the perfect place for Newcastle solar power company Sunengy to show the world the future of renewable, clean energy.

Contract for solar plant

NEWCASTLE solar power company Sunengy won the contract with Indian power company Tata Power to build the first floating solar plant in India.

Greens target tots and teeth and promise solar power plants

THE Greens have urged disenchanted Labor voters to think twice about supporting the Coalition and instead switch their vote to the minor party, pledging free preschool, increased dental funding and solar thermal power plants.

Column 8

"Mark Posesta, of Bangor, suggests that the use of "freeway" and "motorway", is related to tolls (Column 8, since Wednesday). "The F5 was renamed the M5 when a toll was added, and the F4 was renamed the M4 when a toll was added. The evidence clearly suggests that the more


Rob Ulrich of Bargo visited laissez-faire Holland "where drugs are sold in cafes and the sex trade is mainstream". So he was surprised to be stopped by the police while cycling. He needed protection from the cold wind, he writes. "Thinking about Singaporeans who I had seen riding motor more